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The Green Cobbler Recycling Scheme

Updated: May 15, 2022

We have been running our recycling scheme over the past few years and with the support from the local community, we have saved over 3,168kg of waste from going to landfill and raised just under £3,000 for our local charities.

As your local cobblers we repair shoes that need that little tlc and that still have years of life left in them, a great choice to repair and not replace.

This is where our strong ethos of Repair, Refill, Recycle started and we wanted more ways that we can help our local community in Bewdley and across Wyre Forest to have a greener way of living.

Review - Nikki O

“As a family we are trying to be more green conscious. We have been using the Cobblers recycling bins for a while now and love that we are helping to raise money for charities too.”

What went from a few items that we could offer to recycle as part of the scheme, has now grown to over 20 different items and all of which you can drop into us at our local shop in Bewdley.

How does the recycling scheme work?

It really is as simple as you bring your waste that is accepted in our recycling scheme, into our local shop. Here we have set up bins and containers for each item, and all you need to do is pop it in the correct container and leave the rest to us.

We package up all of the recycling and send this off to a company to be recycled. Every package that we send off, will be weighed and checked by the company and recorded on our system.

The more we recycle in weight, the more money that we earn. This money is credited to our account and from there we donate this between local charities in the area,

Are you ready to turn your waste into cash that can help those that need it the most?

Charities that we have helped.

  • Mentor Link

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital

  • Newbridge Cat Rescue

  • Guide dogs for the blind

  • Mary Stevens Hospice

  • MS Society

  • Emily Jordan Foundation

The total that we have raised so far is £2,831.48 and we would love your help to hot over £3,000.

What can we recycle?

Pringles Tubes

Plastic bread bags (all brands)

Bakery plastic packaging eg plastic trays, zipper bags, plastic packs (all brands)

Tin Foil

Laundry capsules/pods packaging (all brands)

Lenor tumble dryer sheets

Tinted fabric conditioner bottles & caps (all brands)

Cleaning wipes packaging (all brands)

Tinted rigid plastic tubs used for home cleaning

Plastic air freshener containers, cartridge caps (all brands)

Car air fresheners (all brands)

Flexible dishwashing tablet packaging

Dishwasher cleaner outer packaging

Dishwasher salt bags

Biscuit and cake wrappers

Shoes - All types


Ink cartridges



Old or foreign currency

Mobile phones

Old or broken jewellery

Games consoles (any condition)

So whether it is your weekly household waste, or you are just about to have a big clean out and you feel that you might have lots of items from our recycling list, that are no longer needed in your home, bring it down to us.

We are open Monday - Saturday 10am -4pm and you can find us in Bewdley, 17 Load Street.

If you would like to look at ways that you can play a part in a greener living, feel free to have a chat when you come in.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the local community of Bewdley and Wyre Forest for their continued support, which has made it possible to make this much of an impact and raise this much money.


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