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  • FITS ALL ZIPPO WINDPROOF LIGHTERS: Maintain your Zippo Windproof Lighter using Zippo genuine Flints. Flints are something that need to be replaced, approximately every few weeks for an average user.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Remove lighter insert from case and slowly remove the flint spring. Remove the remaining piece of flint by gently tapping on a hard surface. Insert a new flint in the brass-colored flint tube, replace the flint spring, & tighten!

Pack of 6 Zippo Genuine Flints

  • All products, except for our eco refills can be shipped nationally.

    Zippos can be shipped worldwide.

    We currently offer our Eco delivery service to postcodes DY11, DY12 & DY13 on the following days and times:

    • Mondays: 5pm - 8pm

    • Wednesdays: 2pm - 6pm​

    Please use the Notes /Special Instructions box on checkout to indicate your preferred date and time slot.

    We will then contact you to confirm.

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