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Your Local Cobbler - Shoe Repairs

Updated: May 15, 2022

DID YOU KNOW?......It is estimated that each year over 330 million pairs of shoes are sold in the UK every year. Unfortunately, most of these will end up in the landfill sites

Now even if you are the biggest shoe addict out there and there is nothing that you love more than shoes, I am sure it is still difficult to imagine staring at 330 million pairs of them and more importantly 330 million pairs that will be sat on a landfill site.

“The average pair of shoes take more than 50 years to fully decompose.” (Source: Business Green 2019)

We know that shoes cannot last forever, but by just replacing the heel or the sole on a pair of shoes you can double the life of them. That means that the amount of shoes ending in the landfill would half instantly, if we all opted for a repair before replace option.

Do you wonder if your shoes can be repaired?

As your local cobbler this is our area of expertise and over the many years we have seen thousands of shoes come into us, in all types of conditions! Often with the customer asking "is there anything you can do with these?"

Whether it is a hole in the sole, a worn down heal, leather deterioration or general wear and tear that just leaves your shoes looking tired and having seen better days, we are sure that we can help.

We repair all types of shoes, from boots to heels, trainers to brogues.

Simply bring them into us at our local shop in Bewdley, we will have them repaired often within a few days and ready for you to collect.

If you do have those shoes that are beyond repair, remember we can recycle these for you as part of the schemes we currently run. This is a much better option, that heading down to your local waste site and sending them off to the landfill.


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